3 Ways A Strong BrandIdentity Can Bring InCustomers.

Jun 21,2022
Jun 21,2022

Any entrepreneur worth their salt knows about branding and brand identity. They might not all be experts, but they are aware of how branding and brand identity can impact their company's growth.

Brand, branding, and brand identity are somewhat used interchangeably. They are all part of one whole element in business. However, though interrelated, these three differ from each other in their functions.

Branding is the process that encompasses creating and building your name and image for your customers to see and identify with. Branding has two main elements: brand and brand identity.

When we talk about brand, we discuss the intangible things that make up your service, product, or company. It is the relationship that your company has with your customers. This is why there are Apple people and Android people. Each of these groups has formed a relationship with the brands they prefer.

Because your brand is a relationship, it is not something you make. It is something you build. You build your brand through solid products, services that deliver on their promises, and after-sales that really focus on your customers getting the best use out of what your company offers.

Brand identity, on the other hand, is the tangible aspect. This is where the designs of your logos and the colors that you pick to represent your products or company, and the values that drive your business come into play. Customers see the golden arches, and they immediately think of McDonald's. Or the Apple logo makes customers take out their credit cards and buy the newest model of whatever gadget Apple has to offer. Brand identity is what your customers see that allows them to identify your company.

As a company, you want your brand identity to create that automatic recall reaction in your customers, much like the big brands that customers patronize today. Establishing a strong brand identity will impact other elements of your operations, especially customer marketing.

How a strong brand identity can bring in customers

Brand recall

When people search for things on the internet, they say they will "Google it." That is brand recall. Brand recall (or spontaneous recall) can indicate a strong relationship between your brand and your customers. Suppose your company is the first thing that comes to mind when a customer is prompted to name a brand of shoes. In that case, you have a distinct advantage over your competitors. This is because your brand is what they recognize the most.

Suppose more customers have your brand in their minds regarding a particular product or service. In that case, they will buy your product or service over your competitors. And when prompted by their peers about which brand of a particular product they should buy, brand recall will have your customers recommend your brand.

Having a strong brand identity will help you achieve brand recall with your customers. Strong brand identity will make you stand out, and your customers will take notice.

Trust and credibility

A strong brand identity can exude credibility and integrity. Of course, it is essential to bleed it and put it into practice. Your brand needs to be something that customers can trust. A negative image can impact your sales. A brand that constantly delivers on its promises is a brand that customers can count on.

Expect your sales to increase once your company has established its credibility and has formed a relationship with your customers based on trust. People will always choose a trusted brand over a new, overly hyped one. This will increase brand awareness which, in turn, will bring in more customers. In fact, a good indication of the impact of brand awareness apart from surveys is the number of sales generated after a marketing campaign.

Customer perception

Customers favor brands that have the same values that they do. Brand identity looks to influence how customers perceive your brand. Their perception will then drive their buying habits.

A good example is how Apple markets its new releases. Their customers know and expect that Apple will come up with and include more advanced technologies in their new phones, iPads, and laptops, because that is how customers perceive the company and the brand. To them, Apple equates to high-tech stuff. This is also why customers line up for hours to get their hands on the latest gadgets. As long as your customers' perception of you is something that they can relate to, you can count on their business.


Brand identity plays a vital role in forming relationships with your customers and generating sales. It is also essential to have a strong brand identity with the right visuals that represent your company values the best.

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