Growth Hacking Your Marketing Efforts

Sep 14,2021
Sep 14,2021

When you’re striving to meet sales and marketing goals for your business, you sometimes need to bring in experts to help you advance your objectives. This might mean retaining a full-time sales specialist, or hiring a professional in a consulting or freelance capacity. There are advantages with each option, so think about your short and long-term needs before signing someone. Global Grid Agency can be a resource when it comes to identifying goals and finding innovative ways to achieve them, which is why we broke down a list of some “Growth Hacks” to get you there.

Interview Agencies

If you’re looking for someone to help you develop a customized sales strategy or build a marketing and advertising plan, it might be worthwhile to interview sales and marketing agencies to get a feel for what they offer, and what they recommend. This can be especially beneficial if you’re interested in having your staff trained, or you want help implementing a short-term sales campaign strategy. An agency can leverage their internal and external contacts to help you drive sales, and many offer boutique services in which you can select the options that meet your company’s unique needs. You can check the Global Grid Agency Marketing Accelerator packages that offer unique ways to make impact with in your business.

Hire a Freelancer

Freelancers may want specific direction, so understanding your objectives in advance of interviewing will be helpful. With a freelancer, you can usually establish an agreement on a per-project or even hourly basis. Like interviewing consultants, ask for recommendations and for examples of how they’ve instituted similar sales campaigns for other clients in your industry. Any viable service provider should be able to provide you with examples of successful projects.

Bring on a Staffer

If you’re looking to boost and maintain sales, it can be worth the investment to bring on a sales manager as a full-time employee. According to Career Trend, while you will have overhead with a staffer, you’ll also have their full-time attention, and they can position themselves to bring on and train additional staff as necessary to keep pace with business needs. Having someone on payroll creates an environment in which both short and long-term sales objectives can be established. Before interviewing candidates, write a job description that includes success measurements and outlines sales generation expectations.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

If you’re a micro-business with a small budget, you may prefer to handle your sales functions on your own. You can use products like HubSpot or MailChimp to help you launch email sales campaigns. Hiring someone to get you established on social media channels can also be a benefit, especially if they can train you on best practices around customer interaction. If you don’t have a website, getting an interactive site designed is another way to boost business.

As a small business owner, it’s often in your best interest to outsource things that take up a lot of your time. For example, if you have not yet established yourself as a limited liability company, or LLC, hiring a formation service to do the work on your behalf in Florida saves you the time of doing it yourself, and the cost of hiring an attorney to do it on your behalf. An LLC also gives you a degree of protection against some types of liability, provides you with flexibility, and makes it easier to file your taxes.

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Written by: Amy Collett

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